Homemade from scratch bread and pies

by Pat Hargett 24. October 2010 01:19

OK I'm so proud of my Suzie homemaker new role. My mom taught me to cook growing up but I never really got a chance to try it out in the last 30 years so today I made a fresh loaf of bread (unbelievable with a little real butter). And get this I actually made a from scratch coconut pie including the crust. Well crust isn't much to look at but great all the same. Just in case you didn't believe I could cook I even made a couple pics of the pie. Mitch loved it which was the point of me making it.

 Next I plan to try a real coconut cake one that is layers and has to sit in refrigerator for 3 days to really soak up all the flavor so stay tuned and we'll see how successful I am with that one but another day. Too much in the kitchen already today.

Pat's coconut pie once Mitch discovered it. See told you crust wasn't pretty but pie is out of this world if I do say so myself.



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Jeromy's wedding and with Kim's help pictures you can see

by Pat Hargett 18. October 2010 18:13

OK this is a practice of how to add pictures to the web site so I'm still learning. Bare with me as I learn. Ok, Kim was the answer so these are my practice ones so when I get the real weddings pics I'll know now how to share. Thank you Kim.. Come back for more later.



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Country Story bet you didn't know crows were so smart

by Pat Hargett 16. October 2010 20:30

OK folks I learn something new everyday but just had to share this one with you too. We went to check on the mums we plan to bring to Charlotte next week and talking to our good friend and fellow grower George he began telling us his latest story on growing mums.

Well its starts with the fields of mums he grows are surrounded by corn fields. Well this year the grasshoppers have been unbearable with it being so dry they are showing up like crazy destroying crops. The farmer that owns the corn decided to spray the corn with a helicopter to get rid of the grasshoppers and they (the grasshoppers)  just decided to find a new home in the fields of mums. They have always had tons of grasshoppers and they apparently just hide in the mums since now the corn field has been cut. Well one lone crow found a new way to have his own harvest of food.. He determined that if he fluttered right in the middle of a mum the grasshoppers all come to the top of the mum and he just gracefully sits in the mum and eats his fill of grasshoppers for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So the crow then decided to invite all his family members to dine with him and taught them the art of harvesting grasshoppers in mums. Well after they had managed to destroy over 400 mums they decided they were full for that day but George knew they would be back. He has been growing mums for years but this is his first year of having a new problem that he isn't sure best way to handle since he grows several acres can't cover with a net so the story continues as once a crow learns something he never forgets and for years to come now George with be faced with the crows.

This is definitely something I haven't ever seen or heard of before so just had to share with all of you.


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OK I think I will try once more for some pictures of Jeromy's wedding

by Pat Hargett 15. October 2010 05:37

Mitch took some great pictures during the day on his blackberry that maybe will show up normal size. Do check out the other blog where I tried to put some pictures on it as there are ones that show the creative touch of Jeromy and Virginia with the programs they put together and the welcome table. They had made pictures and had them framed for people to sign on the sides rather than have a guest book since there were so few people there.

OK lets see if I can finally get a picture you can see well.OK I could get the picture there but it still shows so big you have to scroll so if any of you techy guys want to give me some pointers on how to downsize the photo i'm soooo willing to learn.

The gazebo was completely blank when we started and the curtain over the entrance is some wondering jew baskets I had them for use to do next years rootings but they saw them as a curtain over the entrance and of course there had to be ferns there. Jeromy said mom if any of us are your children we could never get married without your ferns to dress the place.. lol.

 Ok once I learn how to really add pictures I'll show some more. Keep you coming back to see what I might add next. ha ha ha




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Lets try some wedding pics of Jeromy's wedding

by Pat Hargett 13. October 2010 20:07

OK folks I don't have any pictures yet of the bride and groom just a few pictures Jeromy took of the gardens right after we set it up. This is my second try at this part so hopefully it works this time.

I forgot to mention they also had a harp player before the wedding and during. Now that was a great idea and before the wedding started everybody congregated close to her. She was incredible and actually does this for a living. Very special touch.

Jeromy's dad Harry did a video of most of the wedding part and put it on youtube. So if you go to youtube and search under Jeromy and Virginia Witmore you should be able to find it and view it. I'm hoping Harry will put some pictures out there so we can see since putting them here is a little tricky. Of course I'm sure I could have put a link to the youtube part but not that confident in my ability yet. lol.

Seems weddings are the theme this year as we have another one this weekend for Mitch's cousin and we again get to load up the ferns and mums and carry them for their wedding at a hunting lodge but it close by. So not much traveling this weekend but full of activity.

Seems activity must follow me as wherever I am comes lots of things to do. So you guys at Duke should have noticed a quieter time these days lol yea right. You have one of your biggest releases ever this weekend. I'll be thinking of you and hoping all goes well.

OK lets try this picture thing again. Talk to you soon.


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Pats first official blog

by Pat Hargett 12. October 2010 22:23

Well folks its now been 6 weeks since I retired and so far retirement is exhausting lol. I had a huge list of projects I wanted to do when I retired thinking I would have plenty of time. Well Mitch had other ideas like his list first. So we have found a great deal on greenhouses from below Rockingham that we could get them with shade cloths, heaters, pots etc only if we take the greenhouses down. Well that proved to be very physical and now I'm in the best shape of my life. But we now have 5 greenhouses all down and now at home with only one more trip to do the final clean up of what we didn't get before. So I'm so excited thinking of spring as I've ordered all the seeds, plants etc for next year and can't wait since I'll get to start with them and have them ready. Lots of new stuff that I've always wanted to grow but no time or space. Well now that we will have at least one more 100 foot greenhouse and another one as a shade house I have sooooo much room I can't wait.

I always thought I was a workaholic at least where Duke was concerned well you haven't seen anything until you have the chance to work for my husband Mitch as from sun up to sun down its non stop and physically exhausted but great for the soul. I truly miss the people and seeing and catching up with them everyday but don't miss the drive to Charlotte or mental stress of the job.  

This past weekend we had Jeromy's wedding in Asheville Botanical Gardens and we carried an entire load of plants. Trailer was loaded from top to bottom and oh my we used every one of them and transformed the gardens into a beautiful natural setting. I promise to share pictures just as soon as I can get them to see them myself. The location turned out perfect, weather perfect, happy happy couple and the little things they had put into such detail were everywhere. They had a trolley to come to the park and take all the guests (about 30) across town to the restaurant for the reception. Well unbeknown to Jeromy or Virginia it included a tour of Asheville and explaination of all the history. This was a super idea and we all learned and loved it. Then they delivered us to the restaurant and after eating took us back to the park. It was a super day and when off without a hitch. Didn't even have a moped for this one.. lol.

OK since this is my first try at a blog thought I would try to keep it short. I'll try to update it soon with new and different what next. See ya.


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