Remember us remodeling the back rooms for Kristina to move back home?

by Pat Hargett 12. December 2011 21:58

Well its been over a year now and I'm just now getting to share some of the pictures with you of the befores and afters. We had just two weeks before she needed to move so we decided to not pull up all the plywood on the floors but we did pull up all the old carpet and put down linoleum flooring that worked out great.

OK here are some before pictures of her mustard yellow room. Ha Ha when she was 10 she picked out this color but once we painted it oh my it looked just like mustard. Well we tried spougeing it with white to lessen the effect so I was thrilled to repaint this room. I also didn't think about taking the before pictures until we had started pulling everything out to get to painting.

 Before pictures then after at bottom.




 Unfortunately we no longer had anywhere to have exercise equipment so its put away for now. Actually we really need it since its winter time.




We painted the room a soft green with white trim so much better than the mustard yellow.  


 We have this bedroom now as a guest room with Kristina back in school. Looks like I need to put away some more of the old furniture but everything has such meaning and came from family.

These are the laminated floors I mentioned we decided to install rather than go back to the old heart pine but we know what is underneath so maybe one day. Advertisers say these are so easy just push and click. Yea right in an old house with nothing level it took forever to get them right. Mitch can do anything and when he does its right or not at all.


 This little den area is now my office space since Kristina is back at school getting her masters so now I have a space to call my own.








Of course we will keep it open in case Kristina comes back one day but now its a much better space and much easier on the eyes.

OK thats enough of pictures for you today. Next time I will show you this years project of the master bedroom and bath.



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Summer time and grandchildren in gardens

by Pat Hargett 18. July 2011 03:13

Well we just finished up a wonderful week with my grandchildren spending the week with us. By day we were in the garden picking all the wonderful bounty and by night at bible school. I have picture proof grandchildren can really do some manual labor, sweat and at the end of the day ask what are we doing tomorrow nana.

First we have Gracie picking the squash.


JT and Gracie picking cucumbers and squash


This was actually early in the morning too before the sun got too hot. They did as we ask without too much complaining. Now they know all the different vegetables in the garden by sight. Good job kids.

Gracie now picking string beans.


Now we have JT and Gracie picking string beans.


Proof I'm not lying this was their second pan of beans.


Now what happens after about an hours worth of But the beans were picked.


I also have proof that with 5 people in a garden at one time wow work gets done so I took a picture to prove we had great help this week getting up all the veggies. Only one missing from this picture is me.



Now in the afternoons when its too hot to be out in the garden we sit in the shade and string beans and shell peas. I can't tell you what a difference it makes to have help to get all the gardening work done from the picking to the preparing and then the canning. This has been a wonderful week.




For all my dear friends at Duke you can see I have made good use of the swing you gave me for retirement. I love it especially when I get a chance to sit in it.



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OK I had one more good story to share so two in one day.

by Pat Hargett 26. March 2011 20:54


OK to have two good stories in the same day is telling you we are back to our old ways of paying attention again to what is around us and laughing at and with each other. So here is my second good one of the day.

Well every winter the little fish pond on the back patio grows the prettiest moss making it looks so much like a real waterfall and in the spring the moss would simply start disappearing and only mud would be left. Last year I finally paid attention enough to find out why my moss was being stolen. I had a little chickadee bird that was getting my moss to build a beautiful little nest over the flood lights at the patio. I watched her so carefully get her moss and make a beautiful nest and worked so hard I didn't have the heart to tear it down. So she raised her cute little babies and once they left the nest I took it down and kept it on the potting bench right below the lights to prove what was happening.


Well this year things are alittle different. Last year Jeromy got married and they used an old wooden drink carton with the bottom lined with fake moss to put the programs for their wedding in. Bet you see where I might be going with this one. The old wood carton is still sitting on my potting bench with the fake (really looks real) moss in it right under the flood lights where she builds her nest. Her nest is almost finished now and she just started it 2 days ago and I still have the moss on my fish pond. Bless her heart she used the fake moss to make this years nest so we're both happy. Nature is absolutely incredible when we take the time to notice it. OK this one I can prove with pictures.

This is what the moss looks like in my little fish pond this year.


Now this is the old drink carton with the fake moss (see told you it looked real) that my little chickadee has been using as building materials this year. Yahoo I get to keep my moss this year.


Now this is last years version of her little nest that I kept since she did use my pretty moss to make it and she wasn't using it any more. See last years moss turns brown since it doesn't get any moisture to keep it as green moss but wait until this years version and it will actually stay green year round lol.


Now this is the finished product of her working so hard the last 2 days. One is at a distance so you can relate to where she is putting her nest and then one to show a close up of the pretty green moss she decorates with every year. I just love happy endings.




Hope you have a wonderful weekend and pay attention to all that surrounds you every day with total entertainment if you just take the time to look.


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OK I just have to share the latest funny story for us.

by Pat Hargett 26. March 2011 20:32

OK yesterday I was answering some email during our lunch break and Mitch had just finished eating as well. He was on his way back outside and turned off the light that is hung over the kitchen table. Well it was sunny outside so not a problem for me. However once he got to the back porch I kept hearing a buzzing sound in the light fixture cover attached to the ceiling. Well when you hear buzzing or what sounded like sparks you immediately have to pay attention when you live in an old house like us. So I ran to get him to come back and listen to what sounded like a short in the wiring making me anxious. Of course the minute he came in to listen it stopped. So I ask him to turn the light back on then turn it back off and it did start the buzzing and sparking again. When you turn a light off at the switch there isn't suppose to be power to the fixture so what could be happening.

OK he finally heard what I was hearing and got on a stool to check it out. He removed the cover on the ceiling that would expose the wiring being very careful when he touched it since not sure what was happening. He stood there for a few minutes then reached up and pulled a half dead but still buzzing bumble bee out of the socket. We both laughed and totally cracked up since it really was scary to think of any sparks in this old house and well we were safe once again. Now you've got to wonder how the heck did he get in there in the first place. 

Knew you guys would like this one.  


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WOW I missed posting an important event grandoggie's birthday party

by Pat Hargett 10. March 2011 15:21

Well first let me apologize for being soooo long since I've updated my blog but with spring right around the corner its been long days in the greenhouses. We've added so much to our plants this year we actually put up another 100 foot greenhouse and now both are loaded with beautiful plants. I've been pinching like crazy to hold back the blooms getting the plants to beautiful greenery and now I'm letting them bust out for spring. I'll be taking pictures soon of both greenhouses to share with all of you.

OK now for what I wanted to share with you in January Jeromy and Virginia came to celebrate Pippin's (their awesome dog more like only childs) birthday. We had everything from party hats to hand made bone shaped doggie cake and cupcakes for the human party goers. I took a few pictures to capture the moment and knew all of you would love to see we celebrate family even when its alittle out of the normal. lol

Here is Pippin proudly wearing his party hat but if you really look closely you'll see he was not too happy to just watch his cake and be wearing a hat but bless his heart he sat right there for us to get pictures to share the moment. Got to just love him.

As you can see he celebrated 3 years old.




 Cake was carefully prepared and designed by Jeromy.



OK that's it for just a few days as I'll get busy taking some pictures of both the greenhouses and all we have to share for spring. Hope to see you soon that if you make a trip to the country you won't be disappointed.


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Joey's Christmas play at UDI

by Pat Hargett 23. December 2010 16:43

Oh my goodness, last night I had the pleasure of attending the first play ever attempted at UDI with all the clients and friends that work with Joey. He and they have prepared for weeks and if you ever have a bad day or feel I'm having a bad day then all you have to do is have the honor of spending some time with all these special people. I have a few pictures and yes they were taken with warm hearted tears in my eyes so if they are blurred they look very clear to me. lol.

Those of you that had the pleasure of meeting Joey know how he can pull at your heart strings and entertain with his humor. Well, last night there were dozens doing exactly the same thing. These guys created the entire thing from stage, props, costumes, and learned every line perfectly. Atleast for all of us it was perfect even when it needed a little prompting.  My thanks goes to all the staff at UDI and the total effort they had to make for this to be possible. Oh yea the programs were 4 pages long all handwritten complete with a blank page labeled autographs for after the play and each person responsible for different parts or stage setup were recognized in writting and a final bow at the end. Every detail was so well done.

Here is a little of what they did for all of us.

The play started with a scene called UDI Mart where they had a scene of actors pretending to be buying Christmas but showing just how rude people can be at Christmas time and this brought many laughs as the family waiting in line to pay, straightened a few people out. It was wonderful and all lines delivered where we all understood. One point they were trying to make is hustle and bustle of Christmas and how we lose our purpose many times. You'll see how that all adds up at the end.



I realized very quickly that I was too far back in crowd to get some good pictures and didn't have my high power lenses but this gives you the idea of the scene.

During each scene change they had beautiful music by carolers and others getting the audience involved with clapping or singing.



Next scene was Christmas window shopping with actors on stage and people window shopping (UDI actors) walking by and entertaining all of us with what they were seeing in the windows. I really loved the mims made up so well and excellent focus on hand movements.


Now Joey was a window shopper and this was him telling his family what all he wanted for Christmas (video games lol). He commented on each window as he passed by with the mims, angels and passing out presents in the middle. Great job by all. Joey stood in front of the mims copying their moves until his family had to come and move him on which is very close to normal with Joey when he's shopping lol.



Next scene was where a well-to-do family was preparing for Christmas, making more fuss over getting the tree decorated and house ready for Christmas, fussing at each other and totally not interested in time with family or caring for less fortunate people, just their appearance to others. They were getting ready for a big Christmas party. Well I thought I got a picture of the living room scene but can't find it this morning so I'll go on to next scene.

Next scene was a scene of homeless people huddled around a fire and the life they live and at one point the wealthy family from the scene before was lost on their way to a broadway play and walked through the scene in disgust that they were having to be so close to such people and how dirty and low life they were.



Now the well to do family made it to the broadway play complete with Rockettes dancing. Its not Christmas until you see the Rockettes. Great job by the Rockettes and then completed with a young man dressed in a tux that sang a solo that lifted the rafters and so special. He would have us laughing one minute with his hand jesters and the next crying with the beauty of the song.



The next scene is where all the children were learning the real reason for Christmas by the babysitter (red headed lady) and that Jesus was born on Christmas day and had never really had a birthday party. The kids were all telling her what they wanted for Christmas when she explained what Christmas was all about and they decided to throw Jesus a birthday party.


They decided to make up invitations and pass them out to all that needed to come to the party. Well the next scene was the wealthy family returning from the theater and getting ready for the party they were having at their house. Well the door bell kept ringing and people from all over were at the door with an invitation to attend the party including the homeless crowd they had seen earlier. Of course the mama and daddy figures were not happy with those type people in their house and fearful of them when all of a sudden all the children were presenting them with their favorite blankets or coats and special gifts from the heart to the people that needed them more. Well not a dry eye in the crowd with so much meaning to Christmas in their hearts. They took this very scene very seriously and made it real to them therefore it was real to all of us. I was so impressed with them bringing all the scenes of the play together to get to the real reason we celebrate Christmas when nowadays schools etc won't touch the Christian side of Christmas. This was a very pleasant surprise for all of us.

Now they even had a birthday cake with candles and all in attendance sang Happy Birthday and celebrated the moment. Unbelievably touching.



Well this is where the play ended but everybody that had anything to do with the play from stage set-ups to acting got to return for a final bow for recognition. They were worth millions before the play now they is not enough money in the world that could touch them in our hearts. My day was so blessed by attending a play so well done by those that brought it to life and gave their entire focus and attention and hearts to making it so successful.

Here are a few of the pictures of the final bow. Of course for some reason at the end Joey wasn't a scene all by himself but in the end he got a chance for a final curtain all by himself. and got a standing ovation. Now when it was all over and done and we could get to Joey for a family hug he was just crying and so happy. Not unhappy tears but absolute delight and happiness he couldn't contain and it came out as tears. I always knew he was precious to all of us but he is precious to anyone he meets. I so realize how fortunate I am to have so much in my life with family and friends.

Here are a few pictures of the final bow at the end.


 Rockettes and opera singer

Wealthy family that in the end was all about real reason for Christmas.


Just as I mentioned above Joey always has to steal the show and he was in many of the scene final bows but in the end had to have one just by himself. I ask his staff worker after the show how Joey got to get a bow all by himself. They simply say because its Joey and everyone in this place loves Joey. He keeps all of them going on a daily basis and loves the attention. They made that part of the play because so many know Joey and love him just as we do.


I hope your Christmas will be as happy and as family focused as mine and you really remember the real reason for Christmas. I couldn't be happier and more blessed and wish the very same for all of you.



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Hargett family Christmas on Sunday

by Pat Hargett 20. December 2010 16:18

WOW we had a wonderful day of food, fun, memory recollection of times past and oh my the special gifts. Heres a few of my favorites.

OK for the food we don't get fancy we just get plenty of old fashion food and the only time this crowd is quiet for entire day.  We actually had to move out into the hallway since the kids are all getting bigger and we can't all huddle around my little kitchen table. Devil eggs never last long with this crowd as they are first to all get gone.

 Don't you think I need just a few more things in my hallway.. Oh my goodness things just keep accummulating there.

Now my tree was bursting out all over with gifts under the tree..This just lasted a few minutes as right after this picture we handed them all out to see what everyone was getting. WOW it was great. I'll try to tell you about a few of them.

LOL if you look close you'll see greenleaves sticking out of one of the grocery type bags..Well one of my gifts was just picked collards and cabbage from our coldframe winter garden. It was a total hit and they couldn't wait to get them home for eating. I thought I got a picture of just them but couldn't find it so its too late now they are probably all cooked up now. ha ha ha.



We had great music and one of JTs gifts was guitar lessons weekly for a couple of months to really get him started out right. He is already showing signs of real talent. Gracie is also getting music lessons and will be taking piano for several months to get her started in music. Hard to take pictures of lessons so I'll save the picture part for recitals one day.  They both were delighted and have always wanted to take music.  Scarlett has been taking piano now for a couple of years and played us a beautiful Christmas Carol on the piano. So someday we'll really have a good ole grinnin and pickin good time.

Well Matt's trip to the past was with all his OLD comic books (some now very collectable) and baseball cards from his child hood. Its so funny to listen to him and Jeromy talk about I remember that one and even where they were when they were reading it. Turns out there was a whole set of cards called Garbage pail kids or something like that?? Well those turned out to be Jeromy's and all mixed in with baseball cards so they sat and rediscovered times past and now appreciate they were all still there to enjoy and maybe even pass on one day.  Funny how things when you were young were just one more thing but now when your grown they are memories and special. 

WOW one of Kristina's gifts was an original painting by Harry and she was in total delight. Already hung it up in her little apartment for safe keeping. I didn't get a good closeup so it not easy to see but oh my original art is always such a delight especially for those that don't have that as a talent.

Now if you pay close attention to Jeromy he is digging into a Ninja Turtle storage box with long forgotten action figures and spy gear from his childhood.  It was great to hear them express how they use to play with them or in some cases shoot them with bebe guns but oh the memories they had of all their childhood. They were really surprised all the things that survived them from those days. Actually the figures that were kinda like transformer type figures they remembered exactly how to put them all together or take them apart.

Special part of the whole day was where the grandchildren JT, Gracie and Scarlett had earned money to actually buy each of the grandparents and aunt and uncle special Christmas presents. They always hit us right on the mark with exactly what they think represents all of us so well. Well the picture that shows just how well they think about what they buy and for whom, is the one below with Jeromy's new hat. This one has to be rated best of the bunch with best picture and Jeromy honestly loved it and was excited to get it. This delighted the kids they had done well. We all were delighted with our gifts made and picked special as one the best parts of all our family Christmas's gatherings.



OK enough for today but just had to share some of our special Christmas and family good times. Hope you have a wonderful safe, and blessed Christmas. Stay tuned you never know when I have more to add.



Scarlett playing for all of us and she now plays with both hands. What a treat.


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Oh my goodness we have some catching up to do

by Pat Hargett 18. December 2010 19:01

Oh dear I can't believe I have waited almost a month to update my blog. Shame on me but I have been alittle busy since my last blog. OK lets see what we've been up to.

Well lets see since I last updated you we had just had Jeromy's wedding in Asheville and I learned how to upload pictures to my blog. Shoot now I can even take good pictures and upload them.  lol.

Since then we spent two solid weeks getting Kristina's little apartment in the back totally reburbished and it turned out great and she is all moved in now. She has a little white board on her entry door and she marked it as 1A.. So cute its official. Well I'll have to post the pictures later since she has all the before pictures in her camera and the after well no curtains yet or rugs so not quite show quality yet.. So stay tuned and I promise to share with you soon. She has a big bedroom, den, walk in closet is her little kitchen complete with college size refrigerator and microwave, and full bath with a set of keys for her to come and go. So we are doing great.

Then it was time to get ready for Christmas since I had the whole world asking me when I was going to get my Christmas stuff put up. I guess they can't get started with Christmas until my lights are up and on. Mitch swears Nasa uses us as a beacon in the winter since I'm sure you could see us from space. Well that took a solid week and oh my goodness tons of extension cords and engineering to keep all of them burning at the same time. lol. So I'll start with a few pictures of my house all decked out for Christmas since its almost here. 

 We'll start with outside.


Now for a closer view


I have a little tree in the kitchen with all my special ornaments given to me when I retired of old antique spoons, and kitchen gadgets. I just love it.


Now for a fuller picture so you'll know where it is in my kitchen. My grandmother's quilt hung on the wall and the stocking were crocheted by my son's grandmother when they were born so they are very special indeed. Don't tell them but they would be collectors items now that they are old.. ha ha ha..


Now I have a small tree in my bedroom that has all my special ornaments made for me through the years by friends that do cut glass pieces and I cherish everyone of them. Now the funny part of this one was my angel on top blinks on and off and you won't believe how many pictures I had to take to get one with the angel on. ha ha .




I found a gorgeous Christmas quilt this year that is on my bed and has a poinsetta right in the middle of it.


OK now for the big tree. I got out my big 9 foot tree this year that I haven't put up in years since it takes so much time and effort but with the help of my grandchildren we got it up and its beautiful. It too is covered with ornaments mostly hand made through the years by the kids now all grown and special events in the past. Its truly a memory tree and turned out awesome. Now if I could just get something under it besides stuffed animated Christmas animals.



Now for the mantle in den. Seems this year I put Christmas in every room. Oh well I really think I do that every year.


OK I wanted to show one of the ornaments made for me through the years but couldn't figure out how to put it with the picture of the tree in my bedroom but here it is anyway. ha ha ha

OK folks I think I've bored you enough with my Christmas. Now this Sunday the 19th all our kids and grandkids are coming to celebrate and this year we are doing something really special in we are giving only handmade, rediscovered or repurposed gifts. So I can't wait as the kids get a chance to go back in time with long forgotten things and things special for each person. I won't tell you about it yet since they would know what all I know is being given as special gifts. I promise it won't be so long next time before I update you.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you and hope it finds your families healthy and happy. I'm so thankful all of mine are well and my christmas gift is having all of us together to enjoy each others company. No better gift for me. I truly hope all of you are healthy, happy and together with family for your Christmas. May the good lord bless you as he has my entire life and the real reason for Christmas is the real celebration.


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Mitch's contribution to the blog

by Pat Hargett 13. November 2010 03:02

So funny yesterday Mitch came in from working outside and said I have something for your blog. So that means he is now an official reporter for our blog. He proceeded to explain what he wanted to contribute with pictures to back it up.

He was cutting wood for the wood stove when he kept hearing a cow with a stressed type hollar vs normal. So he went to investigate and he said if there is such a thing he swears she was calling for him. When he got to her a calf had just been born but was lying on the ground twisted and not moving or breathing. He picked it up and straightened it out and all of a sudden he heard a gasp and it was breathing on its on. Within a minute it was on its feet and standing then walking. I'm convinced he saved that little calf and had he not gone to check things out it would have been dead. So since you seem to love the country stories and this time pictures to prove it this one definitely has a happy ending.

Oh yea he had four new calves all born this week. All were well just this one needed alittle help from a kind farmer.



Update we have now had 4 new calves born this past week (this one Saturday morning) and here is one more Mitch took a picture today. Its the first white face calf I've seen born since we have the bull we have now as his genes were dominant and all black was the norm. We have definitely been blessed with babies this week.


This one is mama and baby.. So cute just had to share with you too.



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Drum roll please coconut cake is done

by Pat Hargett 31. October 2010 06:02

OK folks I have achieved my next big milestone by baking a from scratch sour cream coconut cake and its beautiful and we'll find out tomorrow just how good it is. To taste all the frostings and fillers they were good so the cake just has to be. I'm loving my new found hobby of cooking things I learned so many years ago but never had time (or made time) to attempt them. Mitch is loving it and very encouraging as I try something new every day or so.

OK here is the pictures of my cake just finished.


OK just to make you even more proud of me I am also making homemade bread. First a white bread loaf then a wheat bread loaf and that's all we've eat for the last 2 weeks no more buying bread from store but fresh out of the oven. I'm finding I'm getting spoiled to all this fresh homemade stuff myself.

OK here is my last loaf of bread since I forgot to take pictures of my first two loaves. I'm thinking maybe I need me a chef hat to go along with my latest talent. lol.


Oops forgot to take picture of inside but they don't last long enough for me to get it.. Maybe next one.

OK just had to share since in my last blog I said I would be attempting a sour cream coconut cake and well I now have that one checked off my list. Yea its true I still live by a to do list so at the end of the day I can check it off. I have a tendency (I always called it ADD) to start on one thing then see something else needing attention and go there and on and on so after a couple weeks at home I realized I needed to go back to my old habits from Duke of making to do lists so everyday I set my priorities and then I head in that direction. It is great to know that I have a much better chance now of getting to my at home list but I just keep making it longer and harder. Never never a dull moment.



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